Healing for the Body, Mind, & Soul

Affordable treatments utilizing a combination of Ancient Chinese Medicine, Advanced Techniques of Cranial Sacral Therapy,
Abdominal Massage for Infertility & Reproductive Health, Nutrition, & other techniques. 
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Jerusalem, Israel 
Adults / Elderly
  • Chronic & Acute Health Conditions
  • Infertility and Reproductive Health
  • Neurological Problems & Back Pain
  • Clearing of Emotional Traumas/Wounds
  • Auto-immune Conditions  • Candida
  • Clearing of Viruses, Bacterias, Toxins
  • Post-Surgery & Post-Dental Procedures
  • Recent Injuries and Old Injuries
  • Genetic Diseases/ Conditions
Children / Babies
  • Learning Disabilities and ADD/ADHD
  • Damage from Vaccinations
  • Anxiety & Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Slow Growth & Development
  • Vision Problems   • Scoliosis   • Trauma
  • Chronic Health Conditions/Auto-immune
  • Clearing of Viruses, Bacterias, Toxins
  • Physical Injuries & Sports Injuries
  • Genetic Diseases/ Conditions

Navigating the Dangers of Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs)

There is currently an emergency situation in regards to the agricultural industry around the globe, specifically, genetically engineered or modified foods. In this process, a gene or piece of DNA is spliced from one source, such as a fish or a spider, and then forced into the DNA of another item, such as a tomato. The basic reason for this process is to encourage the beneficial properties of the first item into the second item. In the early years, (late 1990s) FDA scientists were unsure about the safety of these foods, and expressed their doubts. Nevertheless, the foods were launched into the market, with their safety already doubtful. After almost 20 years on the market, the resulting produ

The Nature of Healing

There are various reasons why illnesses occur in the body. It may be that a condition runs in the family, or perhaps there are distressing emotions, or maybe the individual has experienced a physical accident. Regardless of the reason, healing is a possibility. The important thing is to get to the root of the cause, to release blockages to the the basic flows of the body, and to bring the affected areas into ever-increasing levels of vitality, with the healing techniques. As the affected areas regain strength, proper functioning also returns. The combination of methods that I use provide me with a wide array of tools for getting to the source of health problems. Once the source is discovered

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